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Low-code application development

Ground lion gives you the ability to configure enterprise grade applications without writing programming code. Low-code development with Ground lion means easily up to 85% reduction in writing code, even for end-to-end applications supporting complex, customer facing business processes. Digital transformation just got 5 times faster.

Ground lion's low-code development:
  • We deliver a drag and drop experience in configuring your activity possibilities and an easy to use information modeler. After configuring your unique fit in a tailor-made template, Ground lion takes care of the rest.
  • You can launch business applications in no time. We provide an extensive set of User Interface Widgets to work out a suiting dashboard to display a set of cases, tasks, priorities, etc. to gain insight for your workforce.
  • Stop being slowed down by IT development that takes years or months for even the smallest changes and reduce to a matter of months or weeks to deliver even the largest process support for dynamic case behavior.
  • Powered by the industries’ most flexible standard for information centered work automation CMMN, Ground lion drastically speeds up the development of modern web based applications.
  • Get ahead of your competition. And keep raising the bar.
Adaptive Case Management in practice
In this 45 minutes long webinar we show you how Ground lion provides a solution for every step in the Case Management Lifecycle. By giving a demonstration of the tooling, based on a concrete example, we show you: How a case is modelled, based on CMMN How this model is…
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