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Control & Inspection

Whether you’re performing a technical inspection, a risk audit, a quality or food safety inspection, the goal remains the same: You want to investigate the sources of risks or defects; feed the information back to the relevant stakeholders; and finally implement (corrective) actions in order to reduce the risk rate or defect. Since each type of inspection has a variety of risk categories with a corresponding inspection frequency and corrective actions, this inspection process can become very complicated. Ground lion is a tool that helps you manage the complete process, from control/inspection to corrective actions, for each relevant type of risk category. Quality, thoroughness and speed of execution are the key drivers.

Unify information

Ground lion provides you with all necessary input to perform a control, inspection or corrective action, by streamlining the information intake and output. Ground lion offers a collaborative platform containing a single truth of information.

Enhance cross-departmental collaboration

Taking the correct actions within time is essential. Ground lion offers you a collaborative platform that plans and divides the workload. Teams perform required tasks and choose best-practice options to speed up the process, throughout the subsidy/permit check and approval process. Divide the tasks and multiply the success!

Report & monitor

Ground lion offers you a set of reports, dashboards and KPI’s in order to monitor the performance and lead time of your controls and inspections. Based on these insights, decisions to optimize the control and inspection process are fairly straightforward.

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