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Claims Handling

Insurance companies and healthcare providers have to deal with a variety of complex claims, where a lot is at stake. The pressure is high to reduce operational costs of the claim handling processes, and at the same time increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ground lion claims to have the right tool that automates and simplifies the (complex) claims handling processes.

Faster claims resolution

Taking the right actions at the right time is crucial. Ground lion makes sure tasks are planned, divided and executed in time. In order to improve the quality and speed of a claim handling, Ground lion will propose suggestions for the handling of a specific claim, based on knowledge and intelligence from previous comparable claims.

Notify your customers at the right moment

Transparency during the request handling process is of great importance for your customers. Ground lion offers the possibility to inform your customer at the right moment in their customer journey. Create customer views to give insight in the status of services requests, or send (automated) e-mail notifications to the customer when the service request is updated.

Report & monitor SLA’s

Since customers do not want to wait long for a response to their claim, resolving claims within time is essential. Ground lion offers you a set of reports and dashboards in order to monitor the performance and lead time of your claims handling processes. Ground lion makes it possible to define multiple SLA’s based on type of claim or business hours. This way of working allows you to handle claims based on priority, automate escalation notifications to the relevant stakeholders and track improvements over time.

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