Ground lion and Alten bring timely information for Supply Chain Management to Airbus Helicopters

Alten, the European leader in engineering consultancy and technology services, provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and IT systems.

18 000 talented engineers carry out studies and build and conduct proof-of-concept projects for the technical and information system divisions of large corporate clients in the industrial, telecommunications and services sectors.

It was for these skills and experience that Airbus Helicopters contracted with Alten in 2014 to manage and coordinate the mechanical parts supply-chain.


About 20% of Alten’s current turnover is in aviation and aerospace, a market expected to grow quickly over the next 20 years. 50 dedicated supply officers make sure that all parts for Airbus Helicopters are ordered and delivered on time and in full internal production assembly departments.

Alten’s team works with 600 suppliers across the world, managing 60 000 items within seven types of supplies for Airbus Helicopters: mechanical parts, structures, government supply, electronics, after-sales and former models.
While they could only rely on the ERP system of Airbus Helicopters for replenishment planning and purchase order issues, the supply officers were limited to MS Office applications to manage all exceptions in the order to delivery cycle.
The limited system support made it very difficult for the team to track issues, define the right priorities for action and focus on the exceptions with the highest potential impact on the part availability.

Finally, the low level of system support for these critical and complex exception processes increased Alten’s dependency on highly skilled and experienced people to realize fairly repetitive activities.


Based on a weekly input of all relevant data from SAP, Ground lion provides an Adaptive Case Management system via a web platform. 

The system helps the supply officers to target the items where the risk of short supply is highest, to identify the possible solutions more efficiently and to treat their solution more quickly.

  • Ground lion consultants mapped out the complex supply chain processes to produce an Adaptive Case Management system, from both a macro to micro perspective, and included the ability to import information from SAP every week.
  • Ground lion has given Alten's supply officers a much-needed overview of the various interactions with suppliers, with the potential to identify issues in real time and respond to them quickly. Ground lion integrates the full supply chain flow, including quality control and returns.
  • By adjusting to unpredictable event flows, Ground lion gives supply officers the opportunity to focus on the results they need to achieve. In addition to better manage late deliveries, the system enables the identification of items that are ready for production, validates where information or certification is missing, and calls out items that cannot be used.
  • To make the performance of Alten's supply team even better, Ground lion has reduced onboarding time for new supply officers.
  • Based on its work with Airbus Helicopters, Alten sees significant future opportunities to leverage Ground lion to bring these types of efficiencies to other companies in the aviation and aerospace industries and far beyond those industries.
"Adaptive Case Management offers you a 360° and unique view on your cases and critical processes"
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